Conference Theme : “Present  Challenges & future Sustainability”

Global & International Studies is an emerging discipline and it  will focus on analysis of trans-regional and trans-national themes, events, and processes that affect states and societies around the world, such as transnational social movements; the diffusion of, and clashes over, political and social norms; and implications of global trade, investment, production, and employment patterns.

Sub Themes of the GIS 2016

Business and Transnational Cultures Global Economics and Development Global Health and Environment
topic1 topic2 topic4
International Trade & Communications Governance &  Policy Making  Population and Migration
topic5 topic6 topic17
Religion and Ethnicity Information Technology and Globalization Conflicts ,War  and Security
topic8 topic9 topic10
Asia & Globalization Internet & Marketing  Education & Teaching
topic11 topic12 topic13


The conference invites panels and papers that engage—from theoretical and methodological perspectives across the academic spectrum—topics such as (but not limited to):
Arts & Culture
Language, literature and Linguistics
Educations & Teaching
Media and film
Economics and Management
Politics, foreign policy and international relations
Human rights
Women, Gender & sexuality
Philosophy, history, religion
Migration and Diasporas
Cultural changes & media
Health & living standards
Advances in Engineering & Technology
Poverty & Malnutrition
Conflict & Civil unrest
Food & Agriculture
Unemployment & unrest
Heritage & Archaeology
Governance & democracy
Social Welfare
Advances in Science & Technology
Developing Roles of Women
Development and Humanitarian Relief
Environmental Degradation and Global Climate Change
Fine Arts and Literature
Global Water Shortages
Healthcare &Vulnerable population
International Education
Philosophy and Religion
Social Media and the Arab Spring
Social and Political Perspectives
Modern terrorism & Security issues
Any Other suitable topic…

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