Asian Studies International Journal 

ISSN : 2279-1949 (Online)

The best papers can be forwarded to the following journals…

1)  International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development (IJISD)


ISSN online : 1740-8830
ISSN print : 1740-8822

IJISD focuses on broad aspects of innovation and sustainable development. It fosters discussion not only on technological innovation but on new ways of thinking about the complex and contested issues of sustainable development. Innovative thinking and practices in areas of economics, policy-making, legislation, health, education and the institutional barriers to sustainable development form the basis of the discourse to be fostered.

2) The Journal of Race & Policy 

3 ) International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management


ISSN : 1756-8692

Published by Taylor and Francis, Taylor and Francis Group

5) Climate and Development 


ISSN : 1756-5529 (Print), 1756-5537 (Online)

Published by Taylor and Francis, Taylor and Francis Group


** Note : The Editorial Board of the each journal may accept or reject your paper based on their evaluation criteria.

The Global 2016 Organizing Committee is not responsible for the any specific requirement for publishing the presented paper in the journals that may be advertised in the conference website. Global2016 Committee only recommends papers towards the respective Journal Editors for their decisions. The final decision on the publication will be made only by the respective Chief Editors. The authors can’t claim any responsibility towards the Global2016 organizing committee for non publication on their papers in the advertised Journal.

Any article processing charges levied by the Journal for publishing the selected paper need to be paid by the authors directly to the respective Journals. This article processing charges are not included in the Global2016 registration fee.

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